Gaśnica proszkowa GP-6 X ABC/E  do 245 kV

Product description

The GP – 6 X fire-extinguisher with ABC  powder has excellent knock-down properties. It is suitable for protecting vehicles, workshops, storerooms, warehouses, industrial units, power-supply companies, office rooms, schools, hotels, flats and houses.
The special construction of the base enables the fire-extinguisher to stand on the floor. Optionally, the fire-extinguisher can be supplied with a wall bracket.

Product features :

  • Durable steel cylinder mechanically cleaned by shot-blasting, covered with UV resistant paint
  • Brass, cut-off valve enables  precise dosing of extinguishing agent by temporary interruption of agent release
  • the valve is equipped with a pressure gauge that allows for the control of pressure in the extinguisher
  • Flexible hose makes it possible to precisely direct the stream of the extinguishing agent
  • Possibility of multiple refilling of the extinguishing agent by a maintenance company
  • User friendly, reliable and effective in use

A – solid materials, producing glowing embers
B – flammable liquids
C – flammable gas

Standard and warranty

The fire-extinguisher is granted a 3-year warranty provided it is stored in standard humidity conditions.

The fire-extinguisher meets the standards of the recent PN EN3 norm,PED 2014/68/EEC directiv. It has all required authorizations and certificates.

The fire-extinguisher can be applied underground in mining excavations – expertise CSRG

Range of Use

A, B, C 

Weight of extinguishing agent

6 kg

Operating agent

Nitrogen N 2

Operating time:

15 s

Cylinder test pressure

26 bar

Fire-extinguisher working pressure

15 bar

Total weight

9,6 kg

Highest permissible voltage of the object on fire

400 000 V


535 mm

Cylinder diameter

150 mm