Urządzenie gaszące metale UGM-6x D


Product description

Device for extinguishing metal UGM-6x D

Metal extinguishing device designed to extinguish fires of group D as well as under an electric voltage up to 1000V
According to DIN EN 2. E.g. fires of alkali metals (lithium, potassium, sodium), light metals (aluminium, magnesium and their alloys), calcium and zinc.
It is recommended to use in metal processing centers, industrial halls etc.

D - combustible metals

Files for download

1. Declaration of Conformity

2. Catalogue card

The manufactured equipment complies with the EN3-8 standard and the Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EEC

Technical specification

Range of Use


Capacity of extinguishing agent

6 kg

Operating agent

Nitrogen N 2

Cylinder test pressure

26 bar

Working pressure

15 bar

Total weight

10 kg

Highest permissible votage of the object on fire

1 000 V

Zakres temperatur stosowania -30ºC / +60ºC


535 mm

Cylinder diameter

150 mm